• Special Attention and Residential Centre
    Special Attention and Residential Centre "Urpina" (Barcelona) | Execution time: 4 months
  • Hotel
    Hotel "Low Cost" I-sleep (Zaragoza) | Execution time: 4 months
  • Atika
    Atika | Execution time: 3 months
  • CEIP Les Parellades (Barcelona)
    CEIP Les Parellades (Barcelona) | Execution time: 6 months
  • Residential Homes Bermillo Sagayo (Zamora)
    Residential Homes Bermillo Sagayo (Zamora) | Execution time: 8 months

Industrialized Construction

Industrialized construction is a manufacturing process for modular, self-supporting buildings, which may be assembled either horizontally or vertically making up a mecano-type structure, with totally equipped and finished interiors, which are transported to the construction site.


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